200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Policies


Participants can register for YTT in several ways...
1) Online PayPal (credit card or paypal)
2) By mail...make checks payable to: Barefoot Yoga Studio YTT School, 1050 East Montague Ave, Suite B, North Charleston, SC, 29405
3) In person (cash, check or credit card)

There are deadlines for registration. Please view our YTT page http://www.barefootyogastudiosc.com/ytt-education to view and register by our deadlines. 

Payment and Credit Card Fees:

If paying with a credit card, expect to pay an additional 3.5% processing fee.

All payments must be received by due dates and paid for in full before attending any of our YTT Programs. If you need an exception to this rule, please contact me. Payment plans can be arranged.


Cancellation & Refunds:

All monies received as a deposit are non-refundable. No exceptions.

You may cancel your registration up to 3 months before your registered programs start date for a 100% refund minus deposit monies. No exceptions.

Once classes are attended, there is no refund of any monies paid towards a program. No exceptions. 

No credits will be awarded to trainees who walk-away or do not complete the entire YTT Program based on YA standards. (YA is Yoga Alliance.) No exceptions.

No monies or credits will or can be applied to any of my future workshops, YTT programs or merchandise sold by me. No exceptions.


PLEASE NOTE: Any trainees who attended Tittibha Yoga School in 2016 with Nancy Gilbert, E-RYT, will need to contact Nancy directly for any and all trainee requests. Nancy holds the rights to Tittibha Yoga School and all policies, monies paid, and trainee certification needs for the 2016 YTT Program. Please contact her at: tittibha@gmail.com.


YTT Etiquette & Preparation:

There is no pre-class preparation that is required. Some people like to purchase our book list ahead of time to familiarize themselves with the material. 
Please arrive at each session at least 10 minutes early to set your space up and get comfortable. 
Please make sure you are clean & odor free; refrain from wearing any strong perfumes or scents. Feel free to bring or wear essential oils.
Please do not take any photos, videos or audio recordings during the training sessions, unless, okay'd by the Lead Teacher. 
Bring your yoga mat, books, a pen/pencil, water bottle and snacks if you like.
I will provide yoga props (i.e., blankets, block, bolsters, straps, wheels, and more) for the purpose of YTT.
Wear loose fitting (yoga style) clothes because most days will include asana practice. Bring a second set of clothes if you are a sweaty person and want to change into drier clothes.


Certification & Yoga Alliance:

Certification and Yoga Alliance registration are two different things....

1) Certification... There is no government recognized board that 'certifies' Yoga Teacher Training Programs.  Certification comes from teachers, such as myself, that design a curriculum meeting the standards set by Yoga Alliance for 200RYT. I have confidence in my system and I know that once you complete all the steps, that I can be assured you will give a safe, top quality, yoga class. Once you complete all the requirements, you will receive a  "certificate of completion' that documents your 200-hour achievement. This certificate will list you as a certified '200-hour multidisciplinary Hatha Yoga Teacher' or 200CYT.  You can then decide if you want to Teach Yoga or register with Yoga Alliance and receive their watermarks for 200RYT status.

2) Please visit the Yoga Alliance website to understand their requirements for continuing education and how to receive advanced studies and your 300 RYT.
Please note RYT thru YA is optional. You do not need to complete the registration process in order to teach yoga, but please be aware that some Yoga Studios do require RYT status and YA registration to teach group yoga classes on their premises. 

3) Business Licensing falls under the jurisdiction of the state. A license is usually needed anytime you want to set up a business. Most states do not regulate the field of of Yoga Teachers. You must check with your state to see what the local laws regarding touch, yoga, & assisted yoga are, as each state is different. 

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