Yoga & Tai Chi Classes

Cancellations due to rain or poor weather are posted on IG/FB Stories by 8:30am

Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston, SC



LOCATION: PUBLIC PARK in front of North Charleston School of the Arts – 5200 Lackawanna Blvd

  • Saturdays at 10:30am (1hr class)
  • $10-15 DONATION – venmo or cash
  • Bring your yoga mat

We meet under an oak tree to the left of the School and practice in the shade. Drive thru the student pick-up loop and look to the left of the fenced field.

Lots of parking available.  

You can find posts, pics, and videos of our outdoor classes from the last 3 years on my FB/IG  @hellobarefootyoga


Masie has been teaching yoga for 10+ years and she offers an all levels traditional style of hatha yoga and slow vinyasa flow that focuses on the breath and our need for personal modifications of the poses. We are NOT a power yoga class!! The most important thing I can teach you is how to focus on yourself and how the yoga poses teach us about our bodies. Yoga should be a fun experience – join our group and let’s enjoy some body movement together!


No need to pre-register. Pay after class.

There is a port-o-let nearby if you need to use the restroom.





LOCATION: Tranquility Day Spa @ 2000 Reynolds Ave, Suite 201

  • Wednesdays at 6:00pm (1hr class)
  • $20 pre-registration is required
  • Bring your water, yoga mat, and props if needed


Enter from the back of the building. Lots of parking available in the fenced parking lot behind the building or on the street.

You can find posts, pics, and videos from the past few weeks on my FB/IG @hellobarefootyoga

SLOW FLOW or VIN to YIN – This yoga class will challenge you to go deeper into your yoga practice. At times we will move with our breath, exploring the dynamic movement vinyasa can offer our bodies. To create longevity in our practice, we will take the time to stretch, and create mobility in the hips, spine, and shoulders.

Everyone can benefit from this class, thus, we become a community of yogis, beginners seeking knowledge, and long-time practitioners finding new ways to love the ancient practice that is yoga. 



LOCATION: PUBLIC PARK in front of North Charleston School of the Arts – 5200 Lackawanna Blvd


NO CLASS NOVEMBER 12th and 19th – on vacation in Vermont! 🙂

  • Sundays at 10:00am (1hr class)
  • $10-15 DONATION – venmo or cash
  • Wear shoes with good support

We meet under an oak tree in the public park in front of the school. Drive thru the student pick-up loop to park. Lots of parking available.  


Masie teaches a beginner-friendly style of Tai Chi Chuan, a non-competitive branch of martial arts. Tai Chi’s benefits are well-known and are great for anyone at any age. Class will cover 3-4 postures and includes a warm-up and cool-down. Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing and shoes with good support.

Tai Chi is a great accompaniment to your yoga and exercise routine. It provides the slow movement necessary to strengthen knees and ankles, while calming the nervous system and challenging the brain. Tai Chi is often called “walking mediation.”



No need to pre-register. Pay after class.

There is a port-o-let nearby if you need to use the restroom.

Can Beginners join our classes?

YES! As long as you have no broken bones or significant injuries (because we would rather you take the time to heal before joining us) both novice and beginner yoga students will come to feel “right at home” in my yoga classes.

Why? Because I believe that everyone can learn and my only request is to try. If the pose doesn’t work for you, my job is to teach you the many ways to modify that pose so you can enjoy the process. 

I do not teach an advanced only class, instead I teach my students to listen, modify, and allow the yoga poses to teach us about our bodies in the moment. This creates a space of learning how to move back and forth in our experience-level of each pose. I find that students feel free to experiment with their poses to understand themselves better. That is the height of yoga for me. Allowing yourself and the yoga practice to change and always be open to new possibilities.

Beginners often express that they find a deeper understanding of their practice with this methodology. And it releases the “seriousness” that they think they have to portray by forcing themselves into advanced poses that leave them hurt and unfulfilled. My classes aim to teach you the whys and why nots so you feel educated, prepared, and less scared of group yoga.

Please arrive 5-10 mins before class time to give yourself time to chat with me about any questions you have or any reservations/uncertainties you feel about starting a yoga practice. I am always there to answer questions and to help you feel comfortable in our shared time together.


YES! Men are always welcome to join. Yoga was for thousands of years, a men’s only, practice. Women were barred from yoga until the 1960s when it reached the United States. We want to make everyone feel comfortable by being respectful of our shared-gender community space!


LGBTQIA+ Friendly – if you have an issue with people of all genders and walks of life, then I ask you kindly to stay home. Thank you!


Barefoot Yoga has the right to deny any student participation due to illness, injury, or life-threatening condition that we feel is contradictory to practicing yoga in a safe and healthy way. Students should talk to their Doctor before participating and all Students will notify Barefoot Yoga Teachers of any known illnesses or injuries that may limit their participation so we may assist in modifications and individual needs. Photos taken are the property of Barefoot Yoga and your likeness maybe used for social media posts and on future marketing material.​

By registering for or purchasing a class, event or any other activity offered by Barefoot Yoga, LLC, you are agreeing to the “Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement.” Please be sure to read it in full prior to registering.

1.  You assume all risk and participate knowing this. Barefoot Yoga is not liable for any injuries, sickness, or damage to you or your property or the registered person’s body or property. These things may be caused by the props used or postures practice. You participate knowing this and assume full responsibility.

2.  You agree to listen to any suggestions and modifications from our teachers for postures based on your abilities and will not attempt to go beyond your skill level. Barefoot Yoga is not responsible or liable for the acts or omissions of anyone on the property.

3.  You will hold Barefoot Yoga harmless and indemnify them from any and all liability claims, demands, attorney’s fees, and causes of action of any nature arising out of the participant’s participation. This agreement is in effect now and forever and includes any personal representatives of Barefoot Yoga.

By registering yourself or a dependent for activities at Barefoot Yoga, an activity or anything else from Barefoot Yoga, you agree to the above terms and conditions, with the knowledge that they represent the “Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement” of which you may receive a copy by asking for it. 

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