Sedona Yoga & Nature Retreat

March 14-18, 2024

Book Early! Registration ends December 2023.

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Shared Rooms $950
Private Rooms $1100+

Co-ed Retreat

Revive – Nature & Meditation

Join Masie for a 4-nights/5-day yoga retreat in the beautiful area of Sedona, Arizona. This region of the world is known for its Energy Vortexes and stunning Hiking destinations. Masie, your Host & Guide, will be offering daily yoga and meditation classes, and two group hikes to vortexes.

All skill level students may join this retreat. Beginner yoga students are welcome and encouraged to join. Masie will be leading gentle, stretching yoga classes with a focus on creating a meditation practice. Local hikes will be at the easy to moderate skill level so that all may enjoy.


Your first payment is a $200 deposit to reserve your spot. Venmo me @MasieBarefoot-Judson. The amount and the frequency of the payment plans are based on your needs.

Retreat Cost per Person

shared room – $950
private room – $1100+


private rental home with yard within 15 miles of downtown Sedona


breakfast, tea/snacks, and dinner included (vegan options are available upon request)

Rooms & Beds

shared and private rooms are available. I will offer a private room with private bathroom for $1250 if its available.


no transportation provided to or from airport. Shuttles are available online.

Airfare is not included in retreat cost 
Phoenix International – 2+ hour drive | Flagstaff Airport – 50+ min drive

What is a Vortex?

Sedona vortexes are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex.​

Although all of Sedona is considered to be a vortex, there are specific sites where the energy crackles most intensely. The four best known Sedona vortexes are found at Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon—each radiating its own particular energy. Some are thought to produce energy flowing upward while at others the energy spirals downward, entering the earth.

We will visit Airport Mesa and Bells Rock hiking trails. All trail hikes are easy to moderate and we are not expecting our guests to have advanced hiking experience. Just a good pair of walking shoes and a desire to find adventure in nature.

What is the itinerary for this retreat?

This retreat is a get-away for you and others like you. The itinerary is laid-back to feel like you are on vacation.

Our private home rental has ample yard space to lay back on a lounge chair with a good book. Please see images of our retreat site on my IG/FB pages. Location will only be disclosed to guests who have paid their deposit to protect the privacy of our guests. Retreat sites are chosen based on the number of guests booked three months before the retreat date. All guests must stay at the retreat site; no outside guests may attend.

Daily hikes are included. Hikes are beginner-friendly and require no gear besides a good pair of shoes and maybe a rain jacket. These are taken at a leisurely stroll to enjoy the many benefits of being outdoors and include at least one trip to a waterfall.

We will have one afternoon in downtown Sedona to go shopping and sight-seeing and two consecutive days to go hiking to the famous Bell Rock and Mesa Airport.

Our weekend includes a focus on building a mediation practice, gentle yoga classes, setting new moon intentions, making new friends, eating great food, and a celebration of the spring equinox.

A Full Day Itinerary

  • yoga & meditation at 8am
  • breakfast at 9:30am
  • nature walks at 11:30am
  • free time 2:30pm
  • dinner at 4pm
  • evening meditation at 7pm

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Who is leading this retreat?

Masie has been leading retreats for over 15 years both in the US and Internationally. This will be her sixth time in Sedona, top ten favorite place to visit, and She is super excited to have you along for this spectacular get-away retreat wherever we are destined to meet! Masie is a Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and previous Studio Owner, has 9-years experience as a Thai Bodywork Giver, and frequently guides her students with a Reiki practice. She loves nature, hiking, yoga, cats, dogs, and her husband of 16 years.

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