How do I register for a class?

Click this link and scroll to our booking widget clicking on the Book Now button to sign-up.

Class passes are available for purchase during booking.

Can I walk-in to a yoga class instead of booking online?

Yes, you way walk-in and pay for class 10-15 minutes before class time. Booking online guarantees your spot. We can not guaranteed there will be space for walk-ins.

How do I cancel a class booking? Choose one of the following:

1. Check your class booking email for a cancel button

2. Login to our booking software WellnessLiving on your computer

3. Download the WellnessLiving Achieve app and use your login to access your class bookings

4. Leave us a voicemail within the 5-minute grace period

5. Email us within the 5-minute grace period

How do I purchase a pass for yoga classes?

Click this link to view rates and passes. 

Purchase during online booking or walk-in to register 10 minutes before class time starts.

How do I know what yoga classes are good for me?

Click this link and read our class descriptions. Each class gives a description of our movements and a skill level guide to find the right class for you. 

Do Teacher's give hands-on adjustments in class?

Yes, expect both verbal and hands-on physical adjustments. If you do not want to be touched during class we kindly suggest that you find a studio that does hands-free yoga. Thank you. We believe that both verbal and hands-on adjustments are the best approach to helping you with your yoga practice.

I am pregnant - can I take yoga classes?

It is generally known that women should not practice yoga during their first trimester. We offer multiple classes on our schedule that are safe for pregnant mommas in their second/third trimester. Click this link and read our class descriptions looking at the skill levels. We also offer a 6-week workshop series - click this link to register.

When should I arrive for class?

New students should arrive 15 minutes before class. Students who want to purchase and register in-studio as a walk-in should be in the studio at least 10 minutes early. All students should be in class at least 5 minutes early.

Do you accept late attendance?

NO. We do not take late attendance. 

Please understand we know traffic in Charleston is terrible, but you disrupt everyone in class when you arrive late. Over the last few years we have gotten very strict about this rule. Plan to arrive early!

I didn't make it to class on time.

We offer a 5-MINUTE GRACE PERIOD, after the start of class to cancel your attendance and take back your purchase. Any cancellations received after this time are considered a no show and the purchase is lost. No exceptions!

Can I get my purchase refunded?

No, we do not offer refunds on any purchases

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