Our studio has re-opened for in-studio classes.


In-studio classes will be limited to four students based on current social distancing requirements. Anyone wanting to join in-studio classes must sign-up online at least 2 hours before class time to reserve your spot. Please note we can not offer early/late cancellations due to the limited number of spaces available. Walkins are not available. Face mask required.


Our virtual classroom is available 6 days a week. Please register 15 mins. before class time.

All of our classes are now online in our virtual classroom so you can continue to enjoy your yoga practice safely at home. We have extended our online class schedule through the end of July.


If you purchased a pass card prior to the outbreak all pass cards are being extended one more time to July 30th. Any passcards not used by this date are considered expired. Please email Masie if you get an expiration notice so we can help you.





1. Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes before class time

2. No late attendance taken

3. Wear a mask! You will be denied entry if you are not wearing a mask.

4. No personal items, yoga props, or gym bags allowed. Leave them in your car.

5. You will sign a covid waiver and follow our hygiene protocol upon entering.


We can not create a relaxing environment if students are coming into class late.

Be Early - We lock our front door at start of class time!


Due to very limited space and attendance restrictions, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. We are unable to offer refunds or class pass returns if you need to cancel the day of class.


NOTE:  you must sign-up 15 mins before class time 


1. find the Zoom (online class) you want to take and click the Book Now! button

2. pay for class online

3. you will receive a confirmed booking email

4. download the ZOOM app

5. we will email you a class link 5-10 minutes before class time

6. click the link 5-mins before class time to Join Meeting


You must cancel a minimum of 15 mins early before class begins.

No cancellations after the class link has been sent out by email.


Barefoot Yoga Studio has the right to deny any student participation due to illness, injury, or life-threatening condition that we feel is contradictory to practicing yoga in a safe and healthy way. Students should talk to their Doctor before participating and all Students will notify Barefoot Yoga of any known illnesses or injuries that may limit their participation in yoga classes, workshops, or events, so we may assist in modifications and individual needs. Photos taken in studio are the property of Barefoot Yoga and your likeness maybe used for social media posts and on future marketing material. 

By registering for or purchasing a class, event or any other activity at Barefoot Yoga, LLC located at 1050 East Montague Ave, Suite B, North Charleston, SC 29405, you are agreeing to the “Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement." Please be sure to read it in full prior to registering.

           1.  You assume all risk and participate knowing this. Barefoot Yoga is not liable for any injuries, sickness, or damage to you or your property or the registered person’s body or property. These things may be caused by the props used or postures practice. You participate knowing this and assume full responsibility.

           2.  Beer and Wine may be offered to participants that are of legal age. Should you imbibe during class, you agree to behave reasonably, respectfully and responsibly.

           3.  You agree to listen to any suggestions and modifications from our teachers for postures based on your abilities and will not attempt to go beyond your skill level. Barefoot Yoga is not responsible or liable for the acts or omissions of anyone on the property.


           4.  You will hold Barefoot Yoga harmless and indemnify them from any and all liability claims, demands, attorney’s fees, and causes of action of any nature arising out of the participant’s participation. This agreement is in effect now and forever and includes any personal representatives of Barefoot Yoga.


By registering yourself or a dependent for activities at Barefoot Yoga, an activity or anything else from Barefoot Yoga, you agree to the above terms and conditions, with the knowledge that they represent the "Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement” of which you may receive a copy by asking for it.  

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