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PLEASE NOTE: no appointments are being taken currently.

Masie is taking a break from private sessions through the end of 2022 due to the continued threat of new strains of COVID. These health threats inhibit the ability to work comfortably in close contact with her clients. Thank you and stay safe. 


Why take a Private Yoga Lesson?

Are you new to a yoga? We can help you understand yoga and what a kind of practice you need based on your body and your goals. Masie is available for one-on-one discussion and introduction sessions. I can help you hone your own personal yoga skills and move you into online yoga classes easily with confidence. Private Lessons are great for just about everything and anything that you want to work on in your yoga practice.

Have you been practicing for awhile now and want to work one-on-one with a yoga instructor? Private yoga lessons are available and I can help you with any posture you want to master. Maybe you want to work on flexibility or rehab and injury. I can work with you to move your yoga practice to the next level. Book online today for a private yoga session tomorrow.


What is Assisted Body Stretching?

Assisted Body Stretching is said to assist in the opening of sen lines, aka energy meridians, running through the body and may assist in removing blockages that inhibit the path of our natural energy from flowing freely. Assisted Body Stretching is like doing yoga without any work by you. The Practitioner, or Therapist (as they are known) uses his/her hands, knees, elbows, and feet to move you through a series of stretches and body movements that assist in a deeper opening of the body’s muscles and fascia lines. Many feel at ease, lucid, relaxed, and even slightly “buzzed” after a session. No oil is applied and you are fully dressed.  So wear comfortable clothing that will allow for optimal flexibility and range of motion. Please wear long pants to session.


~ clients must book appointments online

~ clients must book 24 hours in advance

~ clients must cancel 72 hours in advance


If you didn’t receive a confirmation email – You’re not booked!
Email Masie at

To Cancel your Appointment please notify me by email at least 24 hours in advance. Clients who cancel within this time frame will be charged a $30 cancellation fee. Please note that this fee is charged due to the inability to re-book another client within such a short time frame.

A Note to Clients who cancel more than twice within the 24-hour window. Please understand that this is my livelihood. Any clients who habitually cancel their appointments may be barred from booking future appointments. Thank you.


If you didn’t receive a confirmation email – You’re not booked!

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