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How do I register for a class?

Visit the Online Yoga page to purchase classes directly from our website. Membership, all-access passes can be purchased as well. View our Outdoor Yoga page to learn more about in-person classes that we offer. 

Can I walk up to an outdoor yoga class and pay cash or Venmo?

All students can pay when they get there before or after class with either cash, PayPal, or Venmo on-site. Please note no cash is carried by the teacher so bring exact change please.

How do I cancel a class booking?

Please login to your Moxie Profile and cancel online or via the Moxie App.

How do I purchase a pass for yoga classes?

All-access Memberships can be purchased on our Online Yoga page. These are good only for online classes and do not include outdoor yoga classes. 

How do I know what yoga classes are good for me?

View the Online Yoga page. Every class gives a detailed description of what we are practicing and what skill level student will like the class. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself! Beginners will want to start with low intensity classes and build up their strength over time to medium intensity classes. Intermediate students who are already physically active and will like medium and high intensity classes. Not sure what class to pick? Feel free to email Masie at for help.

I am pregnant - can I take yoga classes?

It is generally known that women should not practice yoga in their first trimester. Postures that require you to lay on your belly should be omitted during pregnancy and can be replaced with a wide-leg variation of childs pose. Another suggestion is to limit the depth of your spinal twisting and try not to twist the baby too deeply. Please modify your practice and contact your doctor if you have any questions about exercise during pregnancy.

Do teachers give hands-on adjustments in class?

Yes, expect both verbal and hands-on physical adjustments. If you do not want to be touched during class we kindly suggest that you tell your teacher before class. Thank you. We believe that both verbal and hands-on adjustments are the best approach to helping you with your yoga practice.

Can I get my purchase refunded?

No, we do not offer refunds on any purchases.

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