The biggest misconception about yoga is that you have to be flexible, fit, and flawless to be “good” at yoga.

Online Yoga Classes

Hate traffic?

Online yoga is great because you don’t have the stress of being late!


Yoga & Tai Chi Classes

Want to see us in person? Cool!

We have indoor/outdoor classes available right here in Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston, SC.


Online Teacher Training Programs

Get your certification to teach yoga!

My private session online programs are offered on the weekends based on your schedule.


Your yoga instructor isn’t checking to see how flexible you are. They want you to ask questions. They don’t want you to push yourself past your comfort zone. Find this and more to help you feel comfortable for your first class. 

About Us

We are real people doing real yoga. There aren’t any headstands or impossible poses here. You don’t have to be fit and “perfect” to start a rewarding new yoga habit. Beginners, pros and all other good folks are always welcome.

Yoga Retreats

Masie offers multiple retreats per year and creates a community of travelers seeking adventure and the calm of a gentle yoga experience.

Spaces are now available for my 2024 yoga retreat destinations.

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