Hello From Barefoot Yoga N. Charleston, SC

Barefoot Yoga has evolved during the pandemic to offering yoga both online and outdoors for our yoga community.

Our Teachers are real people, just like you, who teach for the everyday person. Our online classes are great for practicing in the comfort of your own home without the judgement of a yoga studio. And if you’re looking for in-person class check out our outdoor yoga classes on the weekends in Park Circle.

The biggest misconception about yoga is that you have to be flexible, fit, and flawless to be “good” at yoga.

Online Yoga Classes

Hate traffic? Online yoga is great because you don’t have the stress of being late! LIVEstream or choose video on demand yoga classes. Monthly unlimited passes are available.

Outdoor Yoga Classes

Want to see us in person? Cool! We have outdoor yoga classes, for any skill level available on Saturdays and Sundays, right here in Park Circle neighborhood at our local Felix C Davis Community Center. Social distancing is honored.


Online Teacher Training Programs

Get your certification to teach yoga! Yoga is fun and  Barefoot Yoga is your home for learning and success. Our semester programs are offered on the weekends over the course of 5 months.


Your yoga instructor isn’t checking to see how flexible you are. They want you to ask questions. They don’t want you to push yourself past your comfort zone. Find this and more to help you feel comfortable for your first class. 

About Us

We are real people doing real yoga. There aren’t any headstands or impossible poses here. You don’t have to be fit and “perfect” to start a rewarding new yoga habit. Beginners, pros and all other good folks are always welcome.

Our Class Schedules

Different yoga disciplines can vary and it’s not a one size fits all practice. Check out the descriptions for each type of class we offer to find the one that will suit your energy level and your goals.

In-Person Private Yoga Lessons

Why take a Private Yoga Lesson?
Are you new to a yoga? We can help you understand yoga and what a kind of practice you need based on your body and your goals. Masie is available for one-on-one discussion and introduction sessions.

30 Min Session – $30

Assisted Body Stretching

Assisted Body Stretching is said to assist in the opening of sen lines, aka energy meridians, running through the body and may assist in removing blockages that inhibit the path of our natural energy from flowing freely.

75 Minute Session – $85
90 Minute Session – $100

Yoga Retreats

Update: All retreat guests will be required to have a current COVID-19 vaccine and and any booster shots recommended by the CDC. Proof of vaccination is required.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Get your certification to teach yoga! Yoga is fun and  Barefoot Yoga is your home for learning and success. Our semester programs are offered on Saturdays and Sundays over the course of 5 months. These weekends include physical practice on the mat and instruction on core teaching and assisting material. After graduation, you will have the knowledge to teach yoga.

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